How do I clean baby's vagina

Question : How do I clean the baby vagina? What should I clean the inside?

Answer : DO NOT clean the area in .., and clean your baby vagina must be done more carefully. Because, the location of the vagina adjacent to the anus. Such a position is more likely to move into the anus of microorganisms in the vagina.


1. Take a clean cotton wool soaked in warm water, wipe the area around the vagina, from the folds of her inner thighs up to the hilt.

2. Take another clean cotton wool soaked in warm water. Hold your baby legs, lift. Clean the area around the vagina and anus. Always start from the front and rear direction for the bacteria that are not moving around the anus to the vagina. Clean only in the vaginal lips. Do not touch the deeper regions.

3. Dry with a soft tissue that is not easily torn or a clean cloth,
also clean the area buttocks, thighs, and pelvis.

4. Let your baby without a diaper for a while for the bottom of the body exposed to air. After that, your baby is ready for a clean diaper is applied ..

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